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how to make passive income as a designer 2023 | Srkdesignwala
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designers earning passive income

4 Untapped Income Streams to Explore

“As a designer, you may rely on client work to generate income. But what if there were additional ways to boost your earnings without the need for a massive social media following or complicated setups? In this blog post, we will explore four untapped income streams that you can start taking advantage of right now. These methods are simple and straightforward, allowing you to increase your income without putting in extra work. Let’s dive in!”
Expand Your Service Offerings to Become a One-Stop Shop
Leveraging Additional Services for Increased Revenue

To maximize your earning potential, consider expanding your service offerings. While your primary focus may be on brand design, clients often require additional services when rebranding. By adding web design to your list of services, you can outsource these projects to white-label web designers. This allows you to earn a referral fee while providing a comprehensive solution to your clients.

Become an Affiliate and Promote Useful Resources
Generating Passive Income through Affiliate Marketing

Identify resources that your clientele might find helpful and are likely to use in their business. Sign up for the affiliate programs of tools like Canva, ConvertKit, Notion, Wise, and Squarespace. Create a document called “Useful Resources” and include the list of services along with affiliate links. By including this document in your goodbye packet for every client, you can earn passive income through affiliate commissions.

Position Your Services as Premium Offerings
Enhancing Perception to Increase Value

Perception plays a crucial role in determining value. To make your services appear more premium, consider offering different branding packages. In addition to your standard branding package, create an intensive brand package that can be completed over two days. This approach allows you to cater to clients with smaller budgets while taking on more projects without stretching your time.

Monetize Your Knowledge with Online Courses
Sharing Expertise and Generating Income

Utilize your existing knowledge and skills to create an online course. Identify your areas of expertise and the challenges faced by your clients or small business owners. Find the overlap between the two and develop a course that educates business owners on the importance of branding and how to implement it in their social media posts. Offer this course as a standalone product or as an additional learning resource for your existing clients.

You can sell your online videos on Udemy, YouTube, and many more social media platforms.


By exploring these four untapped income streams, you can significantly boost your earnings as a designer. Expand your service offerings, become an affiliate for useful resources, position your services as premium offerings, and monetize your knowledge through online courses. These methods allow you to increase your income without relying solely on client work or a large social media following. Start implementing these strategies today and watch your earnings grow. And if you’re interested in growing your online presence, be sure to check out our detailed guide on leveraging social media for business growth and client acquisition.

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