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uiux design tips

In this exciting blog, we’re diving into quick, actionable UIUX design tips that will transform your approach to user experience (UX) design. Whether you’re a seasoned designer or just starting your UX journey, these tips are tailored to boost your skills.

The Issue with Blindly Following Trends:

When you follow senior UI UX designers you’re at risk of picking up bad habits. They might offer one good piece of advice while slipping in questionable practices. For example, some promote changing button labels like “OK” to “Remove” to improve usability. While this seems helpful, it violates another critical design principle: visual hierarchy as shown in the below figure.

Tip 1: Create Clear Visual Hierarchy for Buttons

Buttons with different actions should be visually distinct. Users should immediately grasp which is the primary (desired) action and which is secondary. A common mistake is making both buttons look identical, leading to confusion and unnecessary cognitive load.

Tip 2: Optimize Label Proximity

Ensure there’s sufficient space between a label and its corresponding text field. When fields are densely packed, especially in lengthy forms, it becomes harder to determine which label belongs to which field. A good rule of thumb is to maintain double or triple the distance between the label and the text field compared to the distance between fields.

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