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Hey everyone,

Today we’ll be discussing some of the top new design tools and design news for the month of June 2023. Let’s dive right in!

1. Cosmos Design

First up, let’s talk about Cosmos Design. Cosmos is an invite-only platform for designers that aims to be a Pinterest alternative for creatives. It allows you to save all your creative work, social media posts, and more in one place. You can easily save content from platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and more with a simple right-click. Cosmos also features an AI-powered tagging system that automatically tags your images based on their perception and extracts color palettes. It’s available for the web and iOS, and you can join the waitlist to get an invite.

2. Gamma AI

Next, we have Gamma AI, presentation software that utilizes AI to create complex and visually appealing presentations. With Gamma, you can input a prompt and it will generate tables, timelines, and other design elements to enhance your presentation. It also offers pre-designed templates and allows full customization. You can present your work on various devices and it even has a built-in analytics tool to track audience engagement.

3. Hugging Face

One of the design trends gaining popularity is the creation of QR codes using AI models. AI is used to convert links into visually appealing QR codes. Platforms like Hugging Face allow you to create custom QR codes with different styles and designs.

4. Bezel It

Attention Insight is a tool that uses AI to generate eye-tracking information and analytics for your designs. You can import designs from tools like Adobe XD, Photoshop, Figma, and Sketch, and Attention Insight will provide a dashboard with analytics, heat maps, focus maps, and more. It also offers a Clarity score to evaluate the optimization of your designs and provides recommendations for improvement. You can compare previous and current designs and generate custom reports.

5. Wireframe AI

For plugin enthusiasts, the Wireframe Designer plugin stands out. It is an AI-powered wireframe generator that creates wireframes based on text prompts. It provides pre-designed wireframe templates and allows you to give context to generate relevant designs. It’s a great tool for quickly creating wireframes.

6. Webflow Updates

Webflow, a design tool, has introduced new features such as canvas comments, quick stacks (pre-built layouts), and quality-of-life updates. These updates aim to enhance the design experience in Webflow and provide additional collaboration features.

7. Figma AI
Figma AI, WEBFLOW, Wireframe, AI, Bezel, QR UIUX, Gamma AI, cosmos design, uiux tools

Figma, a popular design tool, has made some exciting updates with the acquisition of Diagram, a company focused on AI and automation for design tools. Figma will be incorporating AI tools into its platform, including features like automatic wireframe design, AI-powered image suggestions, and documenting ideas into useful notes. They are also working on developer-friendly AI features. Figma has shared a video showcasing the future of AI in their tool.

Figma’s biggest update for the month includes advanced animations and variables. Designers are even creating games using these new features, showcasing the flexibility and potential of Figma as a prototyping tool.

That wraps up our overview of the top design tools and news for June 2023. Stay tuned for more updates and exciting developments in the world of design.

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